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Gaithersburg, MD, ranked number one in the country for diversity, is an excellent place to move into as your home base! It has exciting restaurants, parks, cafes, and movie theaters in every neighborhood, and its residents describe the communities as walk-your-dog kind of safe and friendly. A city with high incomes, well-reviewed schools, and bustling nightlife, Gaithersburg checks many boxes for those looking to relocate. Full of child-centric activities and greenery, this city offers its residents a quiet, comfortable, and healthy lifestyle. Here are our top three favorite features of Gaithersburg!

1. Attractive Job Opportunities:

This city boasts an unemployment rate considerably lower than the national average in other US cities. It offers endless job opportunities with high income, and the employment market has burgeoned significantly in recent years. Home to the head office of IBM, the chances of finding tech-oriented jobs are incredibly higher in this city! 

2. Lower Crime Rate:

The neighborhoods in this city are safer than 43% of all cities in the country. A lower crime rate makes it safer for its citizens to roam around without constant worry and enjoy leisurely strolls around the block and parks. The rates for violent and property-related crimes are much lower than in other cities in the state. 

3. Beautiful, Abundant Parks:

The many striking parks in the city are one of its best features. The summer greenery, rustic look in fall, and stunning winter views are a sight for sore eyes! It is a terrific place to raise children, offering endless outdoor activities and beautiful weather. The amusement parks are a great place to have fun for individuals of all age groups. It is a perfect place to call home if you fancy cultural diversity, peaceful walks, and great restaurants.

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