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Rockville is a city with a vibrant history and cultural heritage. It offers breathtaking views, the peace and calm of small-town life, and easy access to metropolitans like Baltimore and Washington DC. This suburb supports an exciting, entertaining city life and offers fun activities around the clock. It is named after the biggest creek, Rock Creek, passing through the town. It is an all-rounder community with many perks, best known for its impressive schools, low poverty and crime rates. Here are our three favorite features of Rockville, MD.

1. Beautiful Outdoors:

Rockville’s stunning outdoors is one of this town’s greatest assets and is one of the most attractive features for those looking to relocate here. As a nature-lover, you will take immense joy in exploring the city’s creeks, landmarks, and breathtaking sights. There are plenty of hiking trails and amusement parks to keep you fit and entertained whenever you feel down! It offers some of the prettiest spots to unwind from life’s worries.

2. Top-rated Schools:

Many families are relocating to Rockville due to its impressive school system. Several schools in this city rank among the best in the state. They offer an all-rounded curriculum, well-trained faculty, exciting extracurricular activities, and splendid buildings. You will definitely not feel disappointed when it comes to education if you decide to move to this town. 

3. Historical Landmarks:

If you love exploring museums, monuments, or places with a rich heritage, you will love this town! It has a fascinating history and many stunning landmarks open for public access, including Glenview Mansion, The Beall-Dawson House and Museum, and St. Mary’s Catholic Church. It is one of Maryland’s oldest towns and relatively safer than the others. Residents here take pride in being close to captivating tourist attractions.

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