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Fairfax is a mix of a suburban and urban city situated in northern Virginia. It makes the north suburban part of ever-busy Washington DC. This city is connected with Alexandria and Arlington, making it close to many high-tech and broad companies in these cities. 

It was previously known as downtown Fairfax and is famous for its courthouse. Here are some of the many reasons to start living in Fairfax, Virginia 

1. Financial Stability 

Fairfax county is near Arlington and Washington DC, making a connection with great multinational companies situated there. Moreover, the family business potential is all-time high, leaving people making more than $120,000 annually, more than the average state salary. Also, the unemployment rate is at an all-time low, only 2.5%, so if you move here, there is a high chance of financial stability. 

 2. Inexpensive Living 

Washington, DC, is one of the most expensive cities to live in. if you want affordable living near the DC, Fairfax is a good solution. The estate, food, and utilities are pretty cheap compared to Washington, and it is near to this city, saving you a lot of money annually. 

3. Renowned Education Institutions 

Not only suburban serenity but get excellent educational opportunities for your children and yourself. The top-ranked Thomas Jefferson High School offers excellent education in the country. Many schools in Fairfax also offer advanced placement programs from the elementary level. 

In addition, there are also well-renowned research universities, including George Mason university, where you can continue your advanced education. 

4. Quick Reach to Cities 

Other prominent cities are within reach with their yellow cab and Fairfax metro services. Unlike Washington transport, which is always busy and expensive, metro and cab services are cheaper, affordable, and not crowded. 

Why Choose Us for Local Moving in Fairfax?

Are you planning to move in or out of Fairfax? Here’s why you should choose us 


1. Distance Doesn’t Matter 

We are experienced movers in Fairfax and deeply understand moving throughout Virginia and beyond. With this knowledge and experience, we can plan the convenient, stress-free, timely moving of homes and offices. 

2. Professional Moving 

With years of experience, every employee has mastered moving houses or other workplaces. Our movers have been trained over the years in packing, storing, transporting, placement of items safely and quickly from one place to another. 

3. Extensive Storage 

No matter how many items you have, our storage facilities ensure that these items are kept safe in our warehouse. You can store as many items as you want while quickly accessing them. 

4. Affordable and Organized Moving 

We make sure that relocation is easy and manageable for you. We offer a well-planned moving schedule that covers all relocation tasks, so you can perform other tasks while we take care of your moving. 


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