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Lake Elkhorn, one of three man-made lakes in Columbia, Maryland, is a picturesque place that is a favorite for people who want to walk, run, bicycle, picnic or relax. (Courtesy Columbia Association)

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Columbia, MD, home to a flourishing tech industry, offers the attractiveness of a small town while providing all modern-day amenities within a small radius. This city consists of lakes and beautiful homes, quiet, peaceful neighborhoods, and easy access to Baltimore and Washington DC. It offers several choices for gyms, CrossFit, pilates, yoga, soul cycle, and Zumba, encouraging a healthy lifestyle for its residents. This city’s healthcare system is much more affordable than in other areas of America. There are many things to love about Columbia; here are our three favorite features of this charming city!

1. A Thriving Job Market:

Being in close proximity to Baltimore and the national capital, Columbia is an excellent place if you are looking for employment opportunities, especially in the IT, healthcare, cybersecurity, and tech industries. Many public and private employers are looking to hire in this area, and the jobs are well-paying. It is a perfectly suitable residence location for those looking to start a family or a career. 

2. An Exciting Nightlife:

Although a small town, Columbia offers a variety of outdoor activities and a thrilling nightlife with many dining facilities providing live music, theaters, music places, festivals, and lively bars. So, it holds the interests of individuals of all age groups. Colombia’s recreational spots will keep you entertained whether you want a relaxing brunch or a wild night of partying. 

3. Impressive Public Transportation:

Columbian public transportation is easily accessible and surprisingly affordable. Besides buses, traditional and electric bicycles are also available for those who want to access these vehicles for their commute. Residents in this city love the convenience these services offer, and most working individuals use them religiously to travel to their job every day. 

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