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Poolesville is the best place to move to in Maryland if you are a fan of small-town living. Most residents here own their homes and enjoy the luxury of beautiful roads, fabulous farms, and an overall quiet, homey atmosphere. With a variety and abundance of parks, this rural setting is an excellent source of joy for families with kids and individuals who like staying active and going on daily walks. Here are three of our favorite features of Poolesville, which you should consider if you plan to relocate to a small city. 

1. Outstanding Schools:

Poolesville has some of the best high schools in the state. The Washington Post ranked its high schools as number one among Maryland public and private high schools for seven consecutive years! So, if you are concerned about your kid’s education when deciding on relocation, worry not; Poolesville is impressive on this front! 

2. Lots of Outdoor Activities:

The city offers a plethora of outdoor fun activities involving parks, hiking, mountain biking, and beautiful spots for enjoying picnics. It is a remarkable place for kids and teenagers to make the most of their growing years. The sporty activities encouraged in the city foster a healthy lifestyle and deem physical fitness important. 

3. Heaven for your Taste Buds:

The food in Poolesville is top-notch – you will find yourself surrounded by restaurants offering delicious cuisines all over the city. For those who love to dine out and try new food spots, Poolesville is a perfect match! Residents here love to get together for meals or hang out at eateries around every block. This small town is a great place to live with your family and friends and enjoy a suburban lifestyle.

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